This announcement is an invitation to all participants at the 2010 National Solar Energy Forum (NASEF 2010). The Abstracts of research findings that have not been submitted to a journal or presented at any conference and in line with our sub themes are invited. The abstract should not be more than 200 words, in 12 point size and double spacing. The abstract should be sent as an attachment by e-mail and prepared in a text file or Microsoft Word and must reach the Chairman, Technical Committee of LOC, Dr. I.M.Mejeha (, 08063863776) within the following deadline:
Submission of Abstracts 31st July 2010
Notification of Acceptance of Abstracts 15th August 2010
Submission of manuscript 30th September 2010

The full manuscript should be in CD, Microsoft Word 97 or 2003 as an e-mail attachment.