The Solar Energy Society of Nigeria (SESN) journals are archived in various volumes based on year of publication, however site visitors can search for journals by different search criteria like author, keywords etc. Outlined below is the journal archives and below you also find prelimary information containing detailed instructions for authors on how to prepare and submit journals for publication.


Papers must be submitted on the understanding that they have not been published elsewhere (except in the form of an abstract or thesis) and are not currently under consideration by another journal. All manuscripts are subject to peer review and are expected to meet standards of academic excellence.

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Page title section
The paper title (on the first page) should be centered, all capital letters, and in 12 points, boldface type. The authors' name(s) appear below the title in italics capital and lower case letters. The authors' affiliation(s) appear below the names in capital and lower case letters. Next to that MUST be the Corresponding author's email address and phone number(s). The Corresponding author should be identified when writing the Names of authors.

Formatting paper
Papers should be formatted to standard A4 size paper. Text must be fully justified. For the text, use Times New Roman font, 11 point type throughout the paper, including figure captions.

Major headings
Sections of the manuscripts should be numbered. Major headings, for example "INTRODUCTION", should be in capital letters and appear in bold face Subheadings Subheadings for example "Characterization of Oil" should appear in boldface and not in capital letters.

The abstract should contain a maximum of between 150 to 250 words. It should not contain literature citations. All non-standard symbols and abbreviations should be defined.

Keywords: Enter up to 5 keywords separated by commas i.e Keywords: One, two, three, four, five

Introduction: This should include subject, scope of the subject, justification and aim or objective of the paper.

This should be written in sufficient detail to enable others to repeat the authors' work. Units and dimensions should be expressed according to the metric system and SI units. Methods used should be properly referenced.

Results and Discussion should be combined and may be further divided into subsections. Authors are expected to compare their studies with those of other authors.

Tables should be numbered and referred to in the text by number. Tables should be prepared in Microsoft word and vertical rules should not be used.

The figures should be clear, easy to read and of good quality. Styles and fonts should match those in the main body of the article. All figures must be mentioned in the text in consecutive order and be numbered. Figures should not be a duplication of the tables. Coloured illustrations should be limited or will attract extra charge.

Information concerning research grant support and the assistance of colleagues or similar notes of appreciation should appear in an Acknowledgements section. This should be included at the very end of the paper before the references.

List all bibliographical references alphabetically at the end of the paper. When referring to them in the text, type the corresponding reference as (Author, year) e.g "as discussed by Smith (2009)"; "as discussed elsewhere (Smith, 2009) or (Smith, 2008; Okafor, 2010; Bala, 2013").

Reference to an article in the following:

Henry, R.D., Ben, B.C. and Fraser, G.T. (2008). Optimization of biogas production from cow dung and rice husks, J. Chem. Phys., 88 (2): 719-722.

Henry, O.D., Ben, B.D. and Fraser, G.C. (2007). "Biomass pyrolysis and gasification", ed. D. Price and J. F. J. Todd, Vol. 6, Chap. 19, Heyden, London, p. 234.

Awaluddin, P.A. and Wahyuningshi, S. (2010). Making biodiesel from coconut oil by reaction metanolisis heterogeneous catalyst. In Proc. Energy and sustainable Development: Issues and strategies (ESD) Conference, 2 4, June, 2010, Chiang Mai, Thailand, pp. 4-7.

American Public Health Association (APHA) (1992). Standard Methods for the Estimation of Fluoride Ions in Water and Wastewater, Washington, DC, USA, edn. 18.

Fraser J.U. (2013). Seeds as an alternative source of edible lipids and nutriment in Congo Brazzaville. Accessed from 24/9/24_1073/_article on 2nd of June, 2013.
Fraser J.U. (2013). Seeds as an alternative source of edible lipids and nutriment in Congo Brazzaville. Accessesd form 24/9/24_1073/_article. Last updated on 2nd of June, 2013.

Page Charges
Each article should be accompanied with a processing fee of N2,000.00 only, while the page charge of eight thousand naira (N8,000.00) is required after a successful peer review process. Foreign authors are to pay $10 US dollars as processing fee and $60 US dollars after a successful peer review process. All payments should be made to the following account.
Banks: Zenith Bank. Acct. name: Solar Energy Society of Nigeria. Acct No: 6011349589.

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Table of content for Current Volume, (Volume 24)
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  Topic Author/Journal Page Keywords
  Performance Evaluation of Fabricated Biogas Storage Pressure Pump
[View topic]
Uzodinma, E.O., Uzodinma, V.N., Ugwuanyi, B.I. and Ugwuoke, P.E.
Page  1 of Volume 24
biogas, pressure,pump
  Biotechnology: A Tool for Sustainable Algae-Based Biodiesel Production in Nigeria
[View topic]
Ayo-Lawal, R.A., Elufisan, T.O., Adesiyan, I. M., Ogundari, I.O. and Famurewa, A.J.
Page  6 of Volume 24
biotechnology, biodiesel
  Bioethanol Production from Acid Pre-Treated Banana (MUSA Aluminata) Peels
[View topic]
Ibeto, C. N., Ofoefule, A. U., Ofomatah, A. C. and Ugwuoke, P.E.
Page  15 of Volume 24
bioethanol, banana
  Estimation of Monthly Average Daily Global Solar Radiation using Different Models of Sunshine Hours at Uyo
[View topic]
Udounwa, A.E., Wansah, J.F. and Victor, G.I.
Page  18 of Volume 24
solar, radiation, uyo
  Assessing Models for Estimating Global Horizontal Solar Radiation in Owerri
[View topic]
Akubue, G.U., Odo, F.C., Offiah, S.U. and Unachukwu, G.O.
Page  23 of Volume 24
solar, radiation, owerri
  Design and Economic Evaluation of a Solar Water Pumping System for Domestic Supply in Nigeria
[View topic]
Aliu S.A., Kwasi-Effah C.C. and Otoide E.O.
Page  27 of Volume 24
solar, water
  Design and Economic Feasiblity of a Solar Powered Ice Maker
[View topic]
Ebunilo, P.O.B. and Kwasi-Effah, C.C.
Page  31 of Volume 24
  Estimating Global Solar Radiation at the Surface of the Earth from Cloud-Free Satellite Images
[View topic]
Erusiafe , N. E., Olorode, D. O. and Chendo, M. A. C.
Page  35 of Volume 24
solar, radiation
  Physico-Chemical Properties of Flours from Yam (DISCOREA Alata) Pellets Processed 39 With Open Sun and Solar Dryer
[View topic]
Ojike, O., Uzodinma, E.O. and Okonkwo, W.I.
Page  39 of Volume 24
yam, solar
  Real Time Performance Evaluation of Some Solar Photovoltaic Street Light Systems installed at NCERD, University of Nigeria Nsukka
[View topic]
Unachukwu, G. O., Offiah, S. U. and Odo, F. C.
Page  43 of Volume 24
solar, photovoltaic, light
  Empirical Model for Prediction of Solar Radiation at Uyo using Sunshine Duration And Relative Humidity
[View topic]
Udounwa, A.E., Wansah, J.F., Udoubak, M.O. and Utah, E.U
Page  47 of Volume 24
solar, radiation
  Growth and Characterization of Zinc Sulphide Lead Sulphide (ZNS Pbs) Multilayer Thin Films using Chemical Bath Deposition Technique
[View topic]
Eya, D. D. O.
Page  51 of Volume 24
  Thermal Emittance of Electroless Chemically Deposited Iron Sulphide Thin Films On Aluminium
[View topic]
Damisa, J. and Ilenikhena, P. A.
Page  56 of Volume 24
sulphide, elecetroless
  Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete Structure using Photovoltaic Modules at Uyo, Nigeria
[View topic]
Wansah, J. F. and Udo, M. U.
Page  60 of Volume 24
cathodic, photovoltaic
  Colouration of Anodized Aluminium Plates and Its Thermal Emittance Properties
[View topic]
Akhabue, E.O. and Ilenikhena, P. A.
Page  64 of Volume 24
anodized, aluminiun
  Design, Construction and Performance Evaluation of 12/220v, 1.5kva, 50hz Inverter
[View topic]
Dabai, K. A., Yahya, H. N., Buda, S. and Argungu, G.M.
Page  68 of Volume 24
  Effect of Deposition Time on Thermal Emittance of Bright Chrome Plated Stainless Steel for Photothermal Energy Conversion
[View topic]
Akhabue, E. O. and Ilenikhena, P. A.
Page  76 of Volume 24
thermal, energy
  Electrochemical Studies of the Cathodic Protection of Metal Pipeline in Simulated Coastal Environment of Nigeria using Solar Electricity
[View topic]
Obi, I.O., Oguzie, E.E., Ukoha, P.O. and Ibemesi, J.A.
Page  80 of Volume 24
  Thermal Emittance of Black Chrome Plated Stainless Steel 430 for Solar Energy Applications
[View topic]
Damisa, J. and Ilenikhena, P. A.
Page  86 of Volume 24
thermal, emittance
  Offshore Pipeline Protection using Photovoltaic Module at Ibeno, Nigeria
[View topic]
Wansah, J. F. and Izong, S. F.
Page  91 of Volume 24
  Design and Implementation of a Microcontroller-Based Temperature Monitoring, Logging and Control Device
[View topic]
Saidu I. G., Zangina, U., Momoh M., Yaya N.H., Mindaudu A. S. and Abubakar M. B.
Page  95 of Volume 24
  Analysis of Wind Data from August to October 2011 in Benin City
[View topic]
Azi, S. O., Igboanugo, I. B., Ilenikhena, P. A. and Itabor, N. A.
Page  100 of Volume 24
wind, benin
  Economic Load Dispatch Constrained Optimization of Kainji Hydro Scheme Units using Piecewise Incremental Cost Technique
[View topic]
Aminu, A. M. and Igbinovia, S. O.
Page  106 of Volume 24
  Literature Survey of Possible Hydrogen Fuel Storage Materials
[View topic]
Agbo K.E., Eze J.I. and Ukwueze C. L.
Page  111 of Volume 24
hydrogen, fuel
  Challenges of Cassava Processors and Machine Operators in Edo State, Nigeria: Implications for Renewable Energy Technologies
[View topic]
Koyenikan, M. J. and Ufuoma, A. O.
Page  121 of Volume 24
cassava, energy, renewable
  Energy Savings Potential in the Domestic Economy
[View topic]
Nnaji, M., Uzoma, C.C., Nnaji, C.E. and Unachukwu, G.O.
Page  126 of Volume 24
  Evaluation of Liquid Charcoal as an Alternative To Diesel Oil
[View topic]
Ugwu, K.E., Ofomatah, A.C. and Eze, S.I.
Page  132 of Volume 24
charcoal, diesel, oil



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